Voice over IP. There are at least a dozen or so carriers of this emerging business. I really wanted Vonage, but they don’t have my local area code, which means that friends would have to make long distance calls to us even though they’re in the same city. NOT gonna work and I didn’t want Vonage bad enough to wait. So, we opted for AT&T CallVantage and we couldn’t be happier. The telephone adapter showed up 3 days after ordering and the DLink VOIP Gateway was a breeze to setup. It did require a visit to it’s browser based interface to make it fit into my home IP range but after that….EASY!The next part (testing) was just as easy. Picked up the telephone and dialed a few long distance numbers and I have to say that the sound quality is better than ANY POTS phone I’ve ever had. There is no delay….no echo….no pops or clicks…just great voice quality. I was pleasantly surprised!

911 dialing (how it works should be a concern to everyone) is still not like a traditional E911 center (ie: location information isn’t automatic) so ATT still suggests that the first information you provide 911 is your address.

  • When you dial 911 using AT&T CallVantage Service, your call may be routed to a different dispatcher than that used for traditional wireline 911 calls. Calls dialed to 911 will be routed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) center or other PSAP or local or regional center designated for wireless services associated with the service address you provided when you signed up, or other backup emergency answering services.
  • In order for 911 Emergency Dialing to work properly, the service address we have on file for you MUST correspond to the physical location of your AT&T CallVantage Service phone. This will enable us to accurately identify your emergency Public Safety Answering Point and correctly route your call. You cannot specify a PO Box.
  • If you relocate your AT&T CallVantage Service phone on a temporary basis, such as taking your Telephone Adapter (TA) with you when you go to a vacation home, you MUST use a DIFFERENT telephone to dial 911 from your new location. If you dial 911 from your AT&T CallVantage Service phone and you are not at your physical service address location, we will not be able to route your call to the appropriate emergency operator.

That being said, I’m not too worried about 911 services as I’ve been using cell phones exclusively for the last 4 years.

I’ll be posting my experiences after 1 month of having this service……..