Exchange Server 2003 – Service Pack 2

Check out this article over at (Is it just me or does this seem like it says “m” “sexchange”?????? It’s supposed to be “ms” “exchange” *grin*) for more about the upcoming SP2 for Exchange 03.Some highlights included:

  • Increased mail database limit size from 16GB to 75GB for Exchange Standard (wo0t wo0t!)
  • Improved Public Folder management
  • OAB enhancements
  • Allow/Block MAPI per user
  • Improved SPAM prevention (i.e.: Sender ID)

As well as some other fixes, etc. This looks to be a huge SP install and hopefully won’t take more than a couple of hours on one of my weekends to accomplish. This service pack is still on track for a 2005 release. We’ve only got a few more months dudes, until 2005 is 2006.

One thing that I’d like to see implemented, is more control over Outlook clients via Exchange rather than GPO’s, but then that is just me.


Greg DeMaderios

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Charlotte Crow

I value the blog.Much thanks again.