Are any of you using Gamefly? What kind of turnaround times are you seeing? I believe that Gamefly is located in Southern California. I live in Oregon. UPS Ground consistantly shipped things from Southern California to my home in Oregon in two days. Netflix total turnaround time from the time that I sent movies back, to the time that I received a new one was 3-4 days TOPS.

You know how long it’s taking with Gamefly? 6 days. Come on! 6 days?!?! They’ve started a thing called “FastReturn”. FastReturn basically means that the post office notifies Gamefly that you’re returning mail to them and they’re supposed to get the next game in your queue out to you before actually receiving the game. So in essence, the games pass each other in the mail. Gamefly also warns you on their website that FastReturn is not available everywhere. Grrrrrr. I’ve written them an email inquiring about it.

It’s very frustrating when you’re paying $21.95 a month for two games out and their turn around times eat up that much time. Let me know if you’re using Gamefly and what you’re turnaround times are…..

UPDATE: Here it is…Saturday, October 29th. I mailed my games back to Gamefly on Monday evening….still no new games. This is beyond ridiculous. I also haven’t heard a peep about my inquiry into “Fastreturn”. I wish Spunel was around still. They had a button you could click in your queue indicating that you’d popped your games in the mail back to them and they would go ahead and ship you the next ones in your queue. It was the honor system.


Greg DeMaderios

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