Check out this post on digg.com. Specifically the very first post by “coffee33” (if you can’t see the comment post by s/he, then change the comment view threshold to -3).The submitted story is about a 17 year old kid that gets beat up for his brand-new Xbox360 at 12:01 am, which means that he waited in line last night for it and got jacked because of it. This fucknut (coffee33) has this to say in the comments section,

LMAO…I think getting his ass kicked for the fact he spent $450.00 should teach him a lesson in life. Its a fricken gaming consel fool…you wasted almost $500.00 on it and getting your ass kicked is just a bonus to your stupidity! 🙂
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What kind of asshole feels like this? Is this the kind of jerk that pulls wings off flies because it’s funny? This kind of apathy is appalling. He can’t understand why someone would spend $450 on a new “gaming consel” so that justifies them getting their ass kicked.


Greg DeMaderios

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