China and Censorship

Say what you will about living in the United States, we still don’t have it as bad as people living in Communist China.

Microsoft, in a move that has me scratching my head, apparently pulled a pro-democracy, Chinese bloggers, blog, from MSN Spaces under pressure from the Chinese government. Robert Scoble (a technical evangelist at Microsoft) writes

Well, you ignore the voices of individual people at your peril. And, I�ve been raised by people who taught me the value of standing up for the little guy. My mom grew up in Germany. Her mom stood up to the Nazis (and got a lot of scorn from family and friends for doing so).

Amen. Where will this end? I have to wonder if this were a pro-communism blog and the United States government had asked Microsoft to take it down, if they would have?


Greg DeMaderios

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