When Captcha Text Goes Bad..

As all one of you who read my blog realize, I frequent digg. A lot! I also submit a lot of stories that I find interesting. One thing that has frustrated me to no end is their word verification hoop that you need to dive through in order to submit a story. I almost NEVER get the text right the first time. Sometimes it takes me 3 to 5 times typing in the text in order to get it right. It’s become almost like playing slots. You pull the handle and hope for the best. When you get it right, the payoff is good!

For instance, here are examples of the captcha text from digg:

is this KCep, kCep, Kcep or kcep?

is this KCyLes, kCyLes, kcyLeS, KCYLeS, kcyles, kcyleS, Kcyles, kCyles….blah..blah..blah

is this jLEPCas, jLEPCaS, JLEPCAS, jlEPCas, jLEPcaS….blah..blah..blah
and what the hell are the tiger stripes for?

Here is an example of good captcha text as found on blogger:

it’s really obvious that this is batggcv

again fairly obvious what this is

again with the obvious….

So digg, if you’re listening, please fix the word verification scheme that you have because it’s hurting my eyes…


Greg DeMaderios

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I also wondered if I was typing the right thing for digg, but whatever I typed worked, so my suspicion was that it was actually insensitive to case.


I was under the impression that it was indeed case sensitive..


Hey there 😉 Thaks for linking!

This thing is also driving me crazy.. I just hate it..


Same Here. It’s very rare for me to get it right the first time.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who has issues with Digg’s captchas! I had mis-remembered my password and had to enter one to log on, and I was thinking I was doing something wrong… but no, it’s just that, like any normal human being, I couldn’t distinguish ‘S’ from ‘s’ in a series of randomly-sized characters. ::shakes head::


I blogged about the Digg’s captcha usability problem at http://kai-mai.com/node/7

I am glad that I am not alone.

Thomas Hawk

It drives me crazy and it seems to be getting worse and wors.