So here’s a question. The big no-no on digg is not submitting duplicates. Their submit function even checks for duplicate submissions by URL and god knows what else. It’s well known that the search functionality doesn’t work all that well, but I digress. My question is this. Why is it so bad that a post that someone submits is a duplicate from one already submitted to digg? I don’t mean the 560 odd posts over a single hour, announcing Apple’s new macs. I’m talking about stories submitted 2 days ago, 64 days ago, or 200 days ago. What if I submit a story and find a duplicate submitted 56 days ago, but my title and my description is BETTER than the duplicate and the original only got 3 diggs (indicating it never made it to the front page)?? Is this so wrong?

Using digg as a social bookmarking tool doesn’t work. It’s search functionality is worthless and I really think that it’s depriving diggers of good stories by not being able to submit duplicates….


Greg DeMaderios

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I agree. I often submit “dupe” stories even though the last time a story to the same link or similar title was already submitted a long time ago. I actually think that people go around to just discover dupe posts. One of my recent submits was about the delete button on gmail. I put it through even though it was already submitted a day or 2 earlier. I just wanted to test digg to see how much traffic I could get to my blog with the story. It was dugg once, by me only, and had 2 comments. Both comments… Read more »