Our addiction to oil…

The POTUS saying we are addicted to oil makes no sense (not that much of what he says makes ANY sense…but I digress) Our “addiction” only exists because most car manufacturers cannot make cars that get better than 25 MPG, our public transportation “system” is a shambles or non existant, and there is no funding to develop alternative sources of energy.

Yes, Americans use tremendous amounts of oil. But the fault doesn’t just lay with the people. As far as I know, during the entire 2005 model line GM didn’t have a single hybrid. Not one. Toyota’s and Honda’s hybrid’s have proven so popular that the waiting list for them is MONTHS. So what are families supposed to do if cars that get better gas mileage, just don’t exist? Take public transportation? Please….

Public transportation is a mess in this country. I cannot travel (easily) from one city to another using public transportation. Bike lanes are few and far between. Most cities aren’t even bike friendly.

All this being said, Ford and GM are in trouble. Is this because their current car lineup looks like ass or is it because there is a changing of the guard? Are people not buying these cars because they demand cars that are better for the environment? Are they not buying these cars because the gas mileage is horrendous? I surely hope that it’s because consumers are getting smarter and more energy conscious. The POTUS simply saying that Americans are addicted to oil, lumps the general population in with the corporations. What he could have said, that would have made more sense, is that American Corporations are addicted to oil…..