Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake on an older Compaq desktop I had laying around. The amazing thing about this old comp is that it’s very quiet compared to my normal desktop PC…but I digress.

This old Compaq has an Intel i810 graphics chip. Essentially it’s the graphics chip built into the motherboard and utilizes system RAM for video memory (ugh). My Benq FP91G+ LCD monitor has a native resolution of 1280×1024. The default installation of 6.06 sets my resolution at 1024×768. This is okay, but I want and like the native resolution. I went to change it under System > Preferences > Screen Resolution but there were no options to set it higher. Crap.

After some research I found out that you can reconfigure xorg by following these steps.

Open a terminal window and type

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Stepping through the configuration solved my problem with the exception of color depth. The default was 24 and I selected that during the configuration. Once I got back to the desktop, I could select 1280×1024 easily enough, but it was unusable. There were vertical lines running the height of my monitor and spaced our horizontally, every inch or so. This wasn’t going to work. I finally found out through a little more research, that instead of the default color depth of 24, I reran the configuration and selected a 16bit color depth. Not ideal, but at least my LCD is at it’s native resolution.


Greg DeMaderios

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