Suse and XGL

Holy crap.

I made the switch. I completely switched over my primary desktop to Linux and it’s not the distro that you think. I’m still running Windows XP on my new laptop, but that’s only because I need to for work. You may be wondering why I said “Holy Crap”….read on..

The distro I selected for my primary desktop wasn’t Ubuntu. It was Suse 10.1. In addition to this, I also got Xgl running on it and this is where the “Holy Crap” came from! I’d seen videos of Xgl before, but running it in person now is uber cool. I showed my wife (who uses the iMac and OS X) and she said “Holy Crap”. It’s kind of hard to impress someone who’s coming from the OS X world.

Peace Out…


Greg DeMaderios

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I’ve been thinking about showing my other family members SuSE for a long time. It’s got a ton more bundled features than Ubuntu, without losing that “linux coolness” hah.