Diggers Don’t Make Great Bloggers?

I stumbled on this post by Tony over at Deep Jive Interests. He makes the statement, “perhaps that good Diggers don’t make good bloggers.” and it’s true. At least in my case. The one thing that I don’t like about blogging is feeling obligated to do so. Frankly I’ve been extremely busy with my job, my 9 month old, my 13 year old, my 8 year old, my wife, a back that’s requiring 3 months of chiropractic work, and a slew of other things that insist on occupying my time more than my blog – YES! I’m talking to you digg!

I’m very interested in blogging my technical experiences at work, but I can’t. Simply because it’s frowned upon. I wouldn’t have the access to screenshots and technical documentation at home, that I have at work, so I usually just say fuck it and my blog suffers.


Back to digging…

Well as you can see from my previous post, I’m back to digging. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter if a few other people think I’m gaming digg simply because I’m in the top 30. I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’m not, so they can kiss my arse. Having said that, I have a few ideas to make digg a better place if anyone is listening.

As I’ve stated before, I think that where digg really shines is in the “upcoming stories” section. Prior to digg v. 3, you used to be able to tell digg that you wanted to see so many number of upcoming stories at once. Now you can only see 15 unless you meander over to the cloud view. I’d like to be able to have some control over what and how I arrange the upcoming stories. For instance, I’d like to be able to see 150 upcoming stories, but arrange them with titles only. Or see 150 upcoming stories and arrange them by most dugg (prior to going to the front page). Or see 1000 stories, by title only, without seeing how many diggs each story has, and descending by submission time/date. Make sense? As it is now, the upcoming stories view is useless to me because I don’t see more than 15 stories at a time. The cloud view is okay, but after awhile, all the titles seem to melt into each other and it becomes difficult to follow. As it stands, you can only arrange upcoming stories by, “show newest”, “show oldest”, “show most popular”, “show least popular”, “show most commented”.

In an effort to create longer lasting front page articles, I’d also like to see the same functionality on the front page too. Perhaps these kinds of things are in the works or perhaps not, but if you’re listening digg, help us out!

Peace out…



After these past few days, I’m going to take a much needed break from digg.

I invested a lot of my time and energy into digg. It’s correct that nobody asked me to, but people dugg my stuff enough that it encouraged me to continue submitting, which eventually got me into the top 30 users there. Was that the reason I did it? I can say that it wasn’t but that falls on deaf ears.

For whatever reason, after spending so much of my time submitting and digging other stories, I got to the point where I took ownership of a small piece of how digg turned out but what I failed to acknowledge, was how little control I actually had in how digg turned out or how little the users of digg actually cared. As was told to me in follow ups from yesterday, I’m guilty of “rigging digg” by association. Simply because I accept ANYBODY as my friend on digg and yes I have a few of the top posters on digg as my mutual friends. Because of that association…..I’m guilty of whatever is going on…..some kind of smoke and mirrors to pad my ranking to be a top digger. Some kind of back room IRC acknowledgement that if you pat my back, I’ll pat yours. But what anyone who has accused me of wrongdoing has failed to do, was simply look at my digging history. I have less than 3000 stories that I’ve dugg and that is since April, 2005.

But all of that doesn’t matter because the “digg army” doesn’t care about what I have to say. They’ve made up their minds that I have to be up to something nefarious simply because I’m in the top 30 and because I have some top diggers on my mutual friends list. Whatever.

As for the digg administration. I think they work their asses off to make digg what it is. But digg isn’t just about the administration. It’s also about it’s users. As with anything, there will always be users who invest more time and energy than others. That doesn’t make them right, wrong or better. It just makes them more invested. As with any “democratic” setup, there will be inequities. However, I think it’s a dangerous path to head down when you take away the ability of long time users to want to become invested in your site and how it turns out. This is where I think I am right now. Digg will become even more rife with backstabbing, rude and malicious people only because they’ll have no interest in how digg turns out. They won’t care…

All this being said, the majority of diggers have already made it very clear that they couldn’t care less if I came or went. To a certain extent, so has the digg administration. Some were much more vocal about it, but the bottom line is if the users and the administrators of digg don’t care….why should I?


I’ve had it..

So it seems that if you’re in the top 30 users on digg, you open yourself up to a world of criticism and ridicule. I’m thoroughly disheartened and a bit pissed off at what is going on over there and here but that’s perhaps only because I feel as if I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into digg.

I haven’t done it for the glory. I haven’t done it for the fame. I haven’t done it for anything other than I simply liked feeling part of something like digg. But now, things have changed (again) for me. I’m being accused of being part of a digg “circle jerk”:

And second, I’m thinking the reason they haven’t ever published the algorithm is to keep people like gregd and those in his circle-jerk club from being able to work the system. If they *are* this concerned with keeping people from taking advantage of the system, why aren’t they doing anything to stop it?

What I’m apparently supposed to stop from happening is other users automatically digging stories that people on their friends list submit. Wait a minute! I’m supposed to tell other users how to use digg according to me? What kind of bullshit is that? As long as you aren’t violating their TOS, digg is what you make it. The person that accused me of being in this “circle jerk” dclowd9901, hasn’t even taken the time to check what I’ve dugg and what I haven’t dugg before throwing around his accusations. I believe it’s simply that I’m in the top 30, so I must be part of this big conspiracy:

nobody asks you to wake up early and start burning through articles to submit to the homepage. That is your choice, and if that brings you to the top and makes you an easier target for this issue, then that’s something you’ve been risking all along. Frankly, I’d be pretty happy if the lot of you took a damn day off, just to see how it goes.

So now his logic follows that if I use digg for, what I think to be, it’s intended purpose, I’ve somehow got it coming? Fuck that. This shit pisses me off to no end and it’s exactly why I quit doing diggfan.com. I didn’t say anyone asked me to logon to digg at 5AM. I get up early specifically to logon to digg and post what I think are some cool stories. So he’d be pretty happy if I stopped contributing to digg just to see how it goes? Whatever….

These very same people who are complaining about the “digg elite” and their apparent digging of each others stories are calling for banding together to immediately bury any of the “digg elite” submissions. Well pardon the fuck out of me, but aren’t you then doing exactly what it is you’re complaining about? Are these the same people that cried “traitors” when BloodJunkie and Wayjer left for Netscape? At least now they’re getting paid for the abuse…

I get told all the time that people bury my comments and my submissions, simply because it comes from me. Huh? I guess that’s your prerogative but it seems a bit silly to bury a submission not based on it’s quality, but rather it’s submitter.

All in all, I’m just extremely frustrated at being lumped into some lame category simply because I’m a top 30 user. If that comes with the territory, then I either have to grow thicker skin or get the fuck out of digg altogether. I don’t make digg what it is anymore or less than what the other top 30 folks do. There are over 500,000 registered users on digg and each and everyone has the ability to make digg what they want it to be, whether it’s to band together and eliminate the “digg elite” or start submitting your own quality posts to FP (front page).

Edited to add:

My friend P9 (p9s50W5k4GUD2c6) (who happens to be the number one user on digg at the moment) has this to say:

Dear Mr. Rose: So all of a sudden, my use of the BUILT-IN functionality of Digg amounts to gaming?

I ignored Digg’s ice-cold level of support during the Netscape transition. Instead I stayed with Digg – for nothing.
I ignored Jay’s jack-ass condescending T-Shirt comment.
I ignored the misbegotten algorithm you all put in place shortly after that that made it MISERABLY hard for any user to get to the front page (which is a big factor in this whole issue)
I overlooked all the red ink about I/we were FOOLS to digg so hard for you – the 60 Million Dollar Man.
I overlooked the Trademark fiasco and the treatment of Digg’s users
I overlooked this: http://digg.com/music/EMI_in_free_music_downloads_deal and
But I will NOT overlook your tacit equation of BUSTING MY ASS for Digg with gaming.

As a direct result of your blog this evening. I will no longer no supporting Digg going forward. I bequeath my measly number one position to whoever wants to reign.

And for all of you that do nothing but bitch about your being PREVENTED from getting your stories dugg – here’s your chance! Now YOU can spend all the time, all the effort and get stabbed in the back by fellow Diggers (aptly named) and then tossed to the side by a Digg team that values toilet paper with more worth than the core users that feed this site it’s content every day.

I believe you to be a good man, Kevin. Well intentioned or not: your blog satisfied malcontents equipped with baseless allegations while you effectively urinated on your top diggers (correction: top gamers). I wish you well. I will be turning over the Digg Users Support Group to someone else.

To my many friends – I will miss you.

Sadly, I’m at that point too…..

Updated again to add:

This is apparently catching on in the blogosphere with some of the major folks carrying it.  Techcrunch has a nice write up about it,



Access-based Enumeration..

When I first migrated my users from Novell to Windows Server 2003, one of the issues that kept cropping up was, “Why do I keep getting ‘access denied’ when I try to go into this folder??”. With Novell, files and folders that users don’t have permissions to access, simply do not show up on their workstation.

Microsoft didn’t do that, until this dandy download came out. It’s also apparently being built into Windows Server 2003 R2.