After these past few days, I’m going to take a much needed break from digg.

I invested a lot of my time and energy into digg. It’s correct that nobody asked me to, but people dugg my stuff enough that it encouraged me to continue submitting, which eventually got me into the top 30 users there. Was that the reason I did it? I can say that it wasn’t but that falls on deaf ears.

For whatever reason, after spending so much of my time submitting and digging other stories, I got to the point where I took ownership of a small piece of how digg turned out but what I failed to acknowledge, was how little control I actually had in how digg turned out or how little the users of digg actually cared. As was told to me in follow ups from yesterday, I’m guilty of “rigging digg” by association. Simply because I accept ANYBODY as my friend on digg and yes I have a few of the top posters on digg as my mutual friends. Because of that association…..I’m guilty of whatever is going on…..some kind of smoke and mirrors to pad my ranking to be a top digger. Some kind of back room IRC acknowledgement that if you pat my back, I’ll pat yours. But what anyone who has accused me of wrongdoing has failed to do, was simply look at my digging history. I have less than 3000 stories that I’ve dugg and that is since April, 2005.

But all of that doesn’t matter because the “digg army” doesn’t care about what I have to say. They’ve made up their minds that I have to be up to something nefarious simply because I’m in the top 30 and because I have some top diggers on my mutual friends list. Whatever.

As for the digg administration. I think they work their asses off to make digg what it is. But digg isn’t just about the administration. It’s also about it’s users. As with anything, there will always be users who invest more time and energy than others. That doesn’t make them right, wrong or better. It just makes them more invested. As with any “democratic” setup, there will be inequities. However, I think it’s a dangerous path to head down when you take away the ability of long time users to want to become invested in your site and how it turns out. This is where I think I am right now. Digg will become even more rife with backstabbing, rude and malicious people only because they’ll have no interest in how digg turns out. They won’t care…

All this being said, the majority of diggers have already made it very clear that they couldn’t care less if I came or went. To a certain extent, so has the digg administration. Some were much more vocal about it, but the bottom line is if the users and the administrators of digg don’t care….why should I?


Greg DeMaderios

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Daniel Higginbotham

Dang, it’s sad that Digg users are getting pissed off and “boycotting” you guys and saying you’re in a “circle jerk”. What’s also sad to me is that on a “social” news site people aren’t actually *talking to each other* and instead making such offensive remarks on their own blogs.

[…] A quick glance at the frontpage news items seem to bear this out — very few (if any) are now submitted by the top diggers. But with the resignation of p9, one wonders if this is a result of the new algorithm … or the boycotting of Digg by these diggers. At least one Digger has also taken a break from things. […]


If you really think your rank has nothing to do with your articles making it to the front page, then make a brand new digg username and submit articles with it instead. If your articles are really as good as you think they are, they’ll get to the front page even though your new username isn’t a top 30 one.

I agree with your comment elsewhere, in that I wish they’d do away with publicly viewable personal stats and rankings.


Feel free to take a break, but please come back to digg later. I don’t buy into all the crap going on at digg at the moment. It seems more like the riff-raff trying to tear things up. (Or a Netscape plot, if you buy into conspiracy theories) You and the other top members do a valuable service by keeping a steady flow of stories on the homepage. People are always trying to bring down the people on the top, so you’re a victim of just being in the ranking. Please, don’t take it personal. Thanks for being a good… Read more »