Diggers Don’t Make Great Bloggers?

I stumbled on this post by Tony over at Deep Jive Interests. He makes the statement, “perhaps that good Diggers don’t make good bloggers.” and it’s true. At least in my case. The one thing that I don’t like about blogging is feeling obligated to do so. Frankly I’ve been extremely busy with my job, my 9 month old, my 13 year old, my 8 year old, my wife, a back that’s requiring 3 months of chiropractic work, and a slew of other things that insist on occupying my time more than my blog – YES! I’m talking to you digg!

I’m very interested in blogging my technical experiences at work, but I can’t. Simply because it’s frowned upon. I wouldn’t have the access to screenshots and technical documentation at home, that I have at work, so I usually just say fuck it and my blog suffers.


Greg DeMaderios

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Tanner Godarzi

Yeah, i’ve been feeling the same, haven’t updated my blog in days, been to busy on Digg.


Digging seems more about finding what is out there instead of spending the time creating the content. There’s different roles that need to be filled in this world. We can’t all be journalists.

I know I don’t have time to blog everything, nor would I want to tell the world everything.

Diggers find the content. If they are also the big content creators… wouldn’t that actually be a conflict of interest?

Okay, I’ll stop talking now.