Ask Digg: .NET or Java?

I’d be interested to know which direction diggers would go if you were just starting out programming. Given that .NET appears to be cross platform with things like MONO and Rotor, cross-platform capabilities seems to be a moot point? I’d really like to hear the pros and cons of either platform. In other words sell me on .NET or Java…

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Yahoo Music Service Raising Prices Again…

Received this in my inbox this morning.  While the Yahoo music service may indeed be less expensive than similar offerings, it’s now effectively “too expensive” for what you get.  Combine their price increase with their slow p.o.s. music player and I’m cancelling the service.

Greetings Yahoo! Music Unlimited Subscriber,
We’d like to give you a heads up about an upcoming change to Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
On November 14, 2006, the cost of a new Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription will increase from $6.99 to $8.99 per month. Despite this price increase, Yahoo! Music Unlimited will still offer the lowest price of any major subscription music service — now with a catalog of more than 2 million songs!
Because you’re a valued subscriber, we’re extending your current rate for an extra month and your credit card will not be charged at the new rate until after December 13, 2006. We’re also giving you an opportunity to upgrade to an annual subscription before November 14, 2006 and lock in the current low price of $4.99 per month (billed in one installment of $59.88). Click here to upgrade to an annual subscription.
To view or edit your account, log in at using your Yahoo! ID and password. If you do not want to subscribe to Yahoo! Music Unlimited at the new rate, you must cancel your subscription before December 14, 2006. If you have more questions, you may contact Customer Care.
Thanks for using Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
– The Yahoo! Music Team


iPod LCDs: Made to Be Broken?

My son’s iPod Nano LCD has cracked after only having it for less than a year. When it was taken back to Apple, they stated that it wasn’t covered under warranty. Looks to me like we may have another iPod battery fiasco on our hands as this isn’t an isolated case. If you have or know someone who has had an iPod Nano LCD crack or break, digg this story or post in my comments.

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Diggers Don’t Make Great Bloggers?

I stumbled on this post by Tony over at Deep Jive Interests. He makes the statement, “perhaps that good Diggers don’t make good bloggers.” and it’s true. At least in my case. The one thing that I don’t like about blogging is feeling obligated to do so. Frankly I’ve been extremely busy with my job, my 9 month old, my 13 year old, my 8 year old, my wife, a back that’s requiring 3 months of chiropractic work, and a slew of other things that insist on occupying my time more than my blog – YES! I’m talking to you digg!

I’m very interested in blogging my technical experiences at work, but I can’t. Simply because it’s frowned upon. I wouldn’t have the access to screenshots and technical documentation at home, that I have at work, so I usually just say fuck it and my blog suffers.


Back to digging…

Well as you can see from my previous post, I’m back to digging. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter if a few other people think I’m gaming digg simply because I’m in the top 30. I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’m not, so they can kiss my arse. Having said that, I have a few ideas to make digg a better place if anyone is listening.

As I’ve stated before, I think that where digg really shines is in the “upcoming stories” section. Prior to digg v. 3, you used to be able to tell digg that you wanted to see so many number of upcoming stories at once. Now you can only see 15 unless you meander over to the cloud view. I’d like to be able to have some control over what and how I arrange the upcoming stories. For instance, I’d like to be able to see 150 upcoming stories, but arrange them with titles only. Or see 150 upcoming stories and arrange them by most dugg (prior to going to the front page). Or see 1000 stories, by title only, without seeing how many diggs each story has, and descending by submission time/date. Make sense? As it is now, the upcoming stories view is useless to me because I don’t see more than 15 stories at a time. The cloud view is okay, but after awhile, all the titles seem to melt into each other and it becomes difficult to follow. As it stands, you can only arrange upcoming stories by, “show newest”, “show oldest”, “show most popular”, “show least popular”, “show most commented”.

In an effort to create longer lasting front page articles, I’d also like to see the same functionality on the front page too. Perhaps these kinds of things are in the works or perhaps not, but if you’re listening digg, help us out!

Peace out…



After these past few days, I’m going to take a much needed break from digg.

I invested a lot of my time and energy into digg. It’s correct that nobody asked me to, but people dugg my stuff enough that it encouraged me to continue submitting, which eventually got me into the top 30 users there. Was that the reason I did it? I can say that it wasn’t but that falls on deaf ears.

For whatever reason, after spending so much of my time submitting and digging other stories, I got to the point where I took ownership of a small piece of how digg turned out but what I failed to acknowledge, was how little control I actually had in how digg turned out or how little the users of digg actually cared. As was told to me in follow ups from yesterday, I’m guilty of “rigging digg” by association. Simply because I accept ANYBODY as my friend on digg and yes I have a few of the top posters on digg as my mutual friends. Because of that association…..I’m guilty of whatever is going on…..some kind of smoke and mirrors to pad my ranking to be a top digger. Some kind of back room IRC acknowledgement that if you pat my back, I’ll pat yours. But what anyone who has accused me of wrongdoing has failed to do, was simply look at my digging history. I have less than 3000 stories that I’ve dugg and that is since April, 2005.

But all of that doesn’t matter because the “digg army” doesn’t care about what I have to say. They’ve made up their minds that I have to be up to something nefarious simply because I’m in the top 30 and because I have some top diggers on my mutual friends list. Whatever.

As for the digg administration. I think they work their asses off to make digg what it is. But digg isn’t just about the administration. It’s also about it’s users. As with anything, there will always be users who invest more time and energy than others. That doesn’t make them right, wrong or better. It just makes them more invested. As with any “democratic” setup, there will be inequities. However, I think it’s a dangerous path to head down when you take away the ability of long time users to want to become invested in your site and how it turns out. This is where I think I am right now. Digg will become even more rife with backstabbing, rude and malicious people only because they’ll have no interest in how digg turns out. They won’t care…

All this being said, the majority of diggers have already made it very clear that they couldn’t care less if I came or went. To a certain extent, so has the digg administration. Some were much more vocal about it, but the bottom line is if the users and the administrators of digg don’t care….why should I?