Diggers Don’t Make Great Bloggers?

I stumbled on this post by Tony over at Deep Jive Interests. He makes the statement, “perhaps that good Diggers don’t make good bloggers.” and it’s true. At least in my case. The one thing that I don’t like about blogging is feeling obligated to do so. Frankly I’ve been extremely busy with my job, my 9 month old, my 13 year old, my 8 year old, my wife, a back that’s requiring 3 months of chiropractic work, and a slew of other things that insist on occupying my time more than my blog – YES! I’m talking to you digg!

I’m very interested in blogging my technical experiences at work, but I can’t. Simply because it’s frowned upon. I wouldn’t have the access to screenshots and technical documentation at home, that I have at work, so I usually just say fuck it and my blog suffers.


Buying a home…

So my wife and I are buying a home. Since I grew up around construction (my mom’s husband was a contractor), I never considered anything other than a stick-built home. I get a visit from my brother and my dad several months ago because my brother is considering moving to this area and he and his wife want to buy a home here. Having said that, my brother and my dad were on a mission to look at manufactured homes.

My first thought was “oh…double-wide trailer”. It turns out that my first impression wasn’t at all accurate. My brother and my dad convinced my wife and I to go look at them…..and go look at them was what we did. The first place that we visited was Palm Harbor. Get this, the house that my wife and I love, 4 bedroom over 2000 square feet, is around $140,000. Now when you consider the property that you have to put it on, the improvements like foundation, water, sewer, etc., we figure about $200,000 total on a nice piece of property.

This is a turn-key home folks…top notch appliances, fixtures, carpeting, everything. The biggest obstacle to overcome, at least for me, is the resale value if we move.  But I figure that if we had to move, the worst that could happen, is that we break even.  How do I figure that?  Location, location, location.

I’ll post pictures of the actual model homes when I have a chance and I take some.


I’m baaaaaack..

I’m back to blogging solo since the community gig wasn’t working out. I’ve also had a bunch of warez sites leeching my pictures so my bandwidth usage has skyrocketed. I’ve taken the Office 2007 screenshots offline until I have a chance to prevent hotlinking.