Ask Digg: .NET or Java?

I’d be interested to know which direction diggers would go if you were just starting out programming. Given that .NET appears to be cross platform with things like MONO and Rotor, cross-platform capabilities seems to be a moot point? I’d really like to hear the pros and cons of either platform. In other words sell me on .NET or Java…

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Moving day.

I’m busy attempting to move all of my archived material from blogger to wordpress.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy transistion, nor automated.  If it looks like too much cutting and pasting, I may just say fuck it and start anew.  If anyone knows of any automated tools to help me move all of my posts, leave a comment.

Nevermind.  Sometimes I’m a dumbass.  I found an importer in WordPress that takes me from blogger to WP.  However, one caveat that I had to do, was switch the publishing settings from my own server to blogspot and then retry the importer.  It worked except all of my titles on old stories are some kind of number hash.  I’ll be busy fixing those and actually adding a title.


The Power of The Internet

If you haven’t heard about it already, head on over to digg to take a look at this thread (warning the thread as of this writing has well over 770 comments and takes forever to load and makes Firefox gag…incidentally, IE7 happily loads the aforementioned page). It’s an extremely long digg commented post and story and it’s well worth skimming. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back.

Good, now that you’re back, I have a few things to say. While I do believe that scam artists like this deserve nothing short of jail time, I have to wonder what this blogger was doing purchasing from these assholes in the first place?

If you take a look at, notice the “Review Us” links on the right hand column? I spent 10 seconds perusing the resellerratings one and the bizrate link that THEY provided and guess what? I saw enough in 10 seconds of skimming to keep me from ever parting with my hard earned cash here. This blogger uses the power of the internet to bring this online retailer down (rightfully so!) but neglects to use the same power of the internet to spend 10 minutes researching these scammers before parting with his money.

Am I saying the blogger deserved what he got? Hell no! Am I saying that the scammers deserved what they got? Hell yeah! I’m merely pointing out that one should assume that everyone is out to rip you off. There is so much information available to us as consumers if you use the internet correctly. Research people! He could have avoided all of this heartache by dedicating 10 minutes of his time to research this company. That’s it. 10 minutes.




The debate over privacy goes on and on. How much do you value your privacy? Does any company have the right to read anything on your computer (not related to their software) if you use their services? Check out this horrific article over at about just how much your privacy is being invaded while you’re busy playing WoW.

The things that companies get away with anymore is just incredible. I refuse to purchase W0W for this reason. I was on the fence about playing this game. Now I’m no longer on the fence….


Drupal Hacked.

Well my site was hacked even though I had the latest version of Drupal installed. I’m back to Blogger for good. I’m a little disappointed at the hacking, but that’s the nature of the internet. Bastards….